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FydeOS network account (beta) migration method

Starting with FydeOS for PC v6.1, the FydeOS web account (beta) adopts a structural design that is closer to the Google account system. This is to enable FydeOS to support more of the cloud service features of Chrome OS, which makes FydeOS more convenient to use.

If you wish to enjoy these conveniences, we strongly recommend reading this document (if applicable) and migrating your account.

0. Applicable objects

  • FydeOS for PC v6.0 or earlier has been installed and an account that can log in to the system has been created
  • Upgrade to FydeOS for PC v6.1 or newer via OTA

(Users of freshly installed FydeOS for PC v6.1 or later will be required to create a brand new FydeOS network account at the OOBE stage, so no migration is required)

1. Migration preparation

After the OTA update is completed and restarted, FydeOS can still recognize the previously created account. You can still use the previous password to log in to the system and continue to use it, but you cannot enjoy any cloud services that rely on the FydeOS network account (beta).

To migrate to the FydeOS web account (beta), you need the following two information:

  • The current email address used for account registration (the method of acquisition will be mentioned below)
  • The current password used to log in to the system

2. Migration method

  • Log out to the account login page in the FydeOS system that has been successfully updated via OTA, as shown in the figure below. Note that at this time, click the triangle to the right of the user name to view the email information used for the current account registration.

alt text

  • At this time, please click “Add User” at the bottom left of the screen. In the dialog box that opens, click “More Options”-“Create Account” in turn, as shown below:

alt text

  • In the “Enter your email address” dialog box that appears later, be sure to enter the current email address used for account registration, otherwise the migration will fail, as shown below:

alt text

Click “Next”, follow the on-screen instructions to verify your mobile phone number and create a new password for this account.

  • After the FydeOS network account (beta) is created, please log in to the system with the account you just created according to the system prompt. If the password you set is different from the password used to log in to the system, FydeOS will prompt you to enter the original password to log in to the system to unlock the current files and settings, as shown below. Please enter the password as prompted.

alt text

  • At this point, the migration of the FydeOS web account (beta) is complete.