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Install Chinese IME in Linux (beta)

For some reasons, the input method of the system cannot currently be called in Linux (beta), so a third-party input method needs to be installed to provide Chinese input support for applications in Linux (beta). The purpose of this document is to introduce the installation and configuration of third-party Linux Chinese input method in Linux (beta) to improve the user experience of Chinese users.

0. Enable Linux (beta) and set the Chinese language environment for it

1. Install Fcitx input tool and Chinese input method

1.1 Update software sources and applications

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

1.2 Install Fcitx input tool

sudo apt-get install fcitx -y
sudo apt-get install fcitx-lib* -y

2. Configure the input device

After waiting for the installation to complete, enter im-config and press Enter, then click “OK” and “Yes” in the pop-up options panel, select “fcitx” and click “OK” and “OK” again

3. Configure Chinese input method

3.1 Enable Chinese input method

*Here takes Sogou input method as an example

  • Return to the terminal, enter fcitx-configtool and press Enter
  • Find “Pinyin (LibPinyin)” in the pop-up window and select it
  • Find the “Up Arrow” icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the pop-up window, click multiple times to move “Pinyin (LibPinyin)” to the second place
  • Close popup

3.2 Configure the language input environment

  • Install the easy-to-use gedit editing tool
    sudo apt install gedit -y
  • Modify input environment
    sudo gedit /etc/systemd/user/cros-garcon.service.d/cros-garcon-override.conf

    Add three lines at the end of the file


    Click “Save” and exit the gedit editing tool

  • Set input method auto start option
    sudo gedit ~/.sommelierrc

    Add a line to this new file


    Click “Save” and exit the gedit editing tool

  • Restart the container
    sudo reboot

    Windows and other running Linux applications will be closed automatically. Just open any Linux application again to use the Chinese input method.

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