Open and edit

You can open the photos saved on the FydeOS device and perform basic editing.

Open photo with photo editor

  1. Log in to FydeOS.
  2. Click “Application Launcher” in the lower left corner, and then click the up arrow.
  3. Click the “File” icon.
  4. Find the photo you want to open. The photo may be saved in “Downloads”.
  5. Double-click the photo.

Edit photos

To view a list of editing tools that can be used to perform basic editing operations on photos, click the “Edit” icon.

  • Rename photo: Click on the file name in the upper left corner. Press Enter to save the new name.
  • Automatically adjust the brightness and contrast: Click the “Automatic correction” icon.
  • Manually adjust the brightness and contrast: Click the “Brightness” icon.
  • Crop photos to different sizes: Click the “Crop” icon.
  • Resize the photo: Click the “Resize” icon.
  • Rotate photo: Click the “Rotate Left” icon or the “Rotate Right” icon.
  • Undo edits or re-edit photos: Click the “Undo” icon or “Redo” icon.

For more advanced editing of photos, you can use applications such as retouching pictures.

View, print or delete photos

  • View photos in the form of large thumbnails: Click the “Thumbnail View” icon.
  • View photos one by one: Click the “Slideshow” icon.
  • View photos as a slideshow: Click the “Slideshow” icon.
  • Print photo: Open the corresponding photo, and then click the “Print” icon.
  • Delete photo: Open the corresponding photo and click the “Delete” icon.