New FydeOS Help is now live! This page is for archiving purposes only. The content won't be updated and maintained.

Install apps and extensions

In order to make FydeOS have more functions and features, you can add applications or extensions.

Note: You cannot add apps or extensions while browsing as a guest.

Add apps or extensions

  1. Open the “FydeOS App Store”.
  2. Browse or search for the content you want to add.
  3. After finding the application or extension you want to add, click Download or Add to Browser.

The added application is displayed in the launcher, and the extension is displayed as a button on the browser toolbar.

How apps and extensions work

Apps and extensions work similarly to regular programs for desktop devices, but they run entirely on the Chromium browser and do not require software installation or computer restart.

Manage extension settings

  1. Open the Chromium browser.
  2. Click the “More” icon in turn and select “More Tools” - “Extended Programs”.