Use Android apps with accessibility

The accessibility features of most FydeOS devices can be used in the Android subsystem, and the Android subsystem can also have some of its own accessibility settings.

Note: Currently, Braille devices cannot be used with Android apps on FydeOS devices.

Turn accessibility on or off

You can perform the following operations for Android apps:

  • Turn subtitles on or off
  • Turn high contrast text on or off
  • Change the length of delay time for touch and hold (short, medium, long)

To change these settings, please follow these steps:

  1. Click “Application Launcher” in the lower left corner.
  2. Open “FydeOS Android”.
  3. In “Settings”, select “Accessibility”.
  4. Change the corresponding settings as needed.

Using a screen reader

To use a screen reader with an Android app, please follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + z to open the ChromeVox screen reader.
  2. Open the Android application you need to use.
  3. The FydeOS device will switch to the Android screen reader (called TalkBack).
  4. When you exit the application, the FydeOS device will switch back to ChromeVox.

Tip: If your FydeOS device uses a touch screen, please maximize the Android application window to fill the entire screen. In this way, you will not accidentally touch the area outside the application window, which will cause the system to automatically switch back to ChromeVox.

Move within the Android app

With TalkBack, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to move around in the Android app:

  • To perform a click operation, press ❖ / ⌘ + Space.
  • To perform the forward operation, press ❖ / ⌘ + .
  • To perform the back operation, press ❖ / ⌘ + .
  • To open the list of keyboard shortcuts, press ❖ / ⌘ + k.

If your FydeOS device uses a touch screen, then all TalkBack gestures are also applicable to your Android application.