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Enter Shell in FydeOS

1. Enter Crosh Shell

Start the Chromium browser in the FydeOS graphical interface, and simultaneously press the Ctrl + Alt + t key on the keyboard (on some computers, such as Apple Mac, you need to press Fn + Ctrl + Alt + t, then The Chromium browser will automatically open a new tab called crosh.

2. Enter Bash Shell

At the prompt of the crosh tab that pops up, enter:


The prompt at this time should be:

chronos@localhost / $

3. Get root permissions


sudo su -

Note that as of FydeOS for PC v6.0, the default user chronos on the system command line will no longer set a default password. You can directly use the sudo command to perform command line operations that require root privileges. If you need to change the password, you can refer to this document.