FydeOS is a browser + cloud-driven operating system similar to Google Chrome OS; FydeOS can run smoothly on most mainstream hardware, perfectly supports the latest web application standards, is compatible with Android programs and Linux environments, and can be without obstacles. Used in the network environment of China.

Like Chromium OS, FydeOS was born out of the belief that the applications and services we use today will gradually move to the cloud. With the continuous maturity of browser platform technology and web front-end technology, we are convinced that most of the work you have done over the Internet today can be achieved in the future through a simple browser window. We are entering a new era, and the applications that need to be installed will become history.

FydeOS is a faster, simpler, and more efficient cloud-driven operating system. Based on the second development of the “Chromium Project”, we have modified and optimized its kernel. Based on the most optimized browser platform, we added more localization enhancements that conform to the habits of users in China and improve user experience. Cloud technology operating system that truly meets the needs of the Internet era. It can be perfectly adapted from mainstream x86 platform computer equipment to embedded IoT equipment FydeOS, it is an extremely flexible operating system.

At present, the FydeOS we released is a version optimized for PCs and tablets, and has the most complete functions. There are two ways to experience the fully functional version of FydeOS:

  • FydeOS VM for VMWare: the easiest way to experience, just download the image file of the VMWare client that we provide, follow guide and import the image to experience most functions of FydeOS on all mainstream operating systems.

  • FydeOS for PC: adapt to most devices of x86 hardware system, you need to use USB storage medium to boot for the first time, the specific installation guide can be found in the following page.

At the same time, we also open sourced some of the core technologies for making FydeOS, and maintained Chromium OS (FydeOS’s upstream project) that can run on embedded devices and single board development kits, including:

FydeOS for PC is still an earlier version. This means that FydeOS has not yet run perfectly on every computer in the world. And in use, you may also find that it still has technical problems, inadequacies and lack of functionality.

FydeOS (and its upstream project Chromium OS) is different from other traditional Linux distributions. It is highly optimized and integrated into the browser’s graphics stack technology (including the underlying graphics driver, hardware acceleration module, and user mode window manager module), which provides higher performance and user experience for FydeOS, but also limits hardware compatibility.

If you find that FydeOS fails to run on your computer for various reasons and needs help, please post to our Chinese Community for help and provide as much detail as possible about you Configuration information, we and the fans in the community will help you answer as soon as possible.

Finally, stay tuned for our upcoming hardware products specifically built for FydeOS.

FydeOS is committed to adapting and compatible with more hardware devices and external devices. Due to the particularity of the Chromium OS system structure, FydeOS is currently less compatible with hardware devices that are not mainstream, do not provide mainline Linux kernel drivers, and do not support mainstream Linux distributions.

“A device” here may include but is not limited to:

  • Wireless network card
  • Ethernet card
  • Sound
  • Printer
  • Automatic identification of headphone jack
  • Touchpad
  • Touch screen
  • Stylus
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Camera
  • Gravity sensor module
  • Battery remaining display
  • Power management strategy
  • Other unique external devices

If you find that your “a device” cannot be recognized on FydeOS and the function is missing, you can try to run Ubuntu Desktop on your device to detect the device Compatibility with Linux systems. If it appears to be recognized under Ubuntu and can work normally but fails under FydeOS, welcome to our Chinese Community to post for help and provide detailed hardware information to help Our development team further improves hardware compatibility.

The Google Play Store requires official Google authorization for distribution. The applications distributed through the Google Play Store usually rely on Google’s service framework. Once the official authorization of Google is lost and the applications are installed into the operating system, these applications will often not work properly.

In addition, due to well-known reasons, the Google Play Store cannot be used normally in mainland China.

FydeOS currently presets “FydeOS App Store” and “Coolapk” (Android Subsystem Only) in the system, where you can get tens of thousands of extensions, Chrome apps, and Android apps.

If you have a certain hands-on ability and the need to use the Google version of Android services, you can obtain the relevant configuration program in the “FydeOS App Store” to configure it to meet your needs through the open source project “Open GApps”. It should be noted that this feature is currently in the testing phase and cannot guarantee usability.


According to the relevant provisions of the “Administrative Measures on the International Internet Security Protection of Computer Information Networks”, “Administrative Measures on Internet Information Services”, “Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Telecommunication Regulations of the People’s Republic of China” and “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China”, Fyde Innovations (Beijing) Co., Ltd. does not provide methods, tools and services that violate the above laws and regulations.

After booting from a USB storage medium, confirm that the compatibility of FydeOS on your hardware device is sufficient to meet the requirements. To avoid booting from USB storage media every time, you can install FydeOS for PC to the hard disk.

At present, we provide two installation solutions, one is “full disk installation”, another is “operating system multi-boot installation”. It should be emphasized that these tutorials assume that you are no stranger to the daily operations of multiple operating systems and have the most basic familiarity. If you find these tutorials difficult to understand, please seek the help of friends around you or go to FydeOS Chinese Community for help. If you are not sure about your operation, please do not continue.

Because the partition format used by FydeOS is not recognized under Windows, such a prompt will appear, but remember not to format it, otherwise it will cause FydeOS to not be used normally.

Please note: Android subsystem and Android related functions can only be adapted to Intel series graphics cards.

After logging into the system for the first time, the system will automatically download the latest version of the support plug-in and required files from the FydeOS server. Please be patient. After the download is complete, these programs will be installed automatically, that is, they can be found in the “Application Launcher”.

To run the Android program, you need to activate the Android subsystem carried by FydeOS. The first time you run “Android Settings” you can start the activation process. The Android subsystem has an independent set of “End User Agreement”, please read it carefully. You can only activate and enable the Android subsystem by clicking “Confirm Start” after checking the consent.

After the Android subsystem is successfully activated, the setting interface of the Android subsystem will open immediately. The “Android Settings” program is the entrance to the Android Settings interface.

At present, FydeOS presets “Coolapk” as the default Android application store. You can download and install the applications you need. Of course, you can also download the apk file by yourself, double-click to install the apk program by “sideloading”, or install an Android market program you like and install new Android software through the market program.

We tested the CrossOver for Chrome OS Android software provided by Codeweavers on FydeOS, which can run some common Windows software on FydeOS.

For an experience, search and install CrossOver for Chrome OS in the “FydeOS App Store”.

Please refer to this knowledge base guide

In the FydeOS for PC version, you can use the username chronos to log in to the system’s command line (shell) environment. The account does not set a password by default. In addition, the account can also use the sudo command to escalate rights.

In FydeOS VM for VMWare, the password of the chronos account is test0000. Please note that the chronos account contains a public, insecure public key for debugging in the FydeOS VM for VMWare. Please do not use FydeOS VM for VMWare as a tool in a production environment.

For security reasons, we recommend that you change the password as soon as possible.

For how to change the password of FydeOS, please refer to this knowledge base document.

At present, a virtual machine version adapted to VMware has been launched. You can visit download page, download and try it. It should be noted that this virtual machine image can only be adapted to VMWare Workstation Pro 15, Workstation Player 15 and WMWare Fusion 11. If you want to get the best experience, we still recommend you to use FydeOS for PC or FydeOS for You version.

Unfortunately, FydeOS cannot fully adapt to the computer equipment you are using. If you want our help, please:

  • Try to run traditional Linux distributions such as Ubuntu on your device, compare and record the adaptation.
  • Describe in detail the hardware-related information that cannot be adapted, including the brand model of the hardware, whether it can be supported under other Linux distributions, related driver information, etc.
  • Send the above content to our Chinese Community in detail, waiting for our technical support to give you feedback and help.

We are very sorry that we cannot make any commitment to adaptation for individual users, but we will do our best to support it if we receive a sufficiently detailed application for adaptation.

You can use disk management tools (such as Disk Genius, etc.) to delete all partitions on the U disk and create a new partition, format it to the file system you want, please be careful.

This is a known bug, but we found that running Etcher as an administrator on Windows 10 can solve most unstable problems (thanks to Greg for providing this tip). Of course, you can also try to use a not-so-high-value but old-fashioned and more stable programming program, such as Rufus or Win32 Disk Imager.

Don’t worry, this is normal and you must not format these partitions, otherwise FydeOS will not work properly.

Through testing, we found that FydeOS booted from a mobile storage device will be greatly affected by performance. If you want to get the best experience, you can try to install FydeOS into the hard disk.

In addition, different storage media have a huge impact on the user experience.

We recommend using the following two brands of SD card and USB disk to program FydeOS. Of course, if you have a better choice, you can also recommend it to us.

  • SD card: Samsung EVO Plus 32GB SD card is a good choice with high cost performance
  • USB disk: SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.0

FydeOS comes with a browser extension called “FydeOS System Controller” by default (id: mofiofjpikncjaigmdlblhojbnkabako). This extension provides indispensable system functions for FydeOS and is an important part of FydeOS system.

Due to the particularity of the extension, there are many contents of the permission applied by the extension displayed on the extension detail page. But don’t worry, this plugin only provides services for FydeOS and its affiliated functions, and the interfaces involved in the bottom layer of the system are protected by solutions such as minijail (see Design Document), which guarantees the overall security of the system to the greatest extent.

In principle, the core version of FydeOS will maintain an interval of no more than 2 major versions with the upstream projects Chromium OS and the stable version of Google Chrome OS. For example, if the current stable version of Google Chrome OS is 70.0.*.*, In the worst case, FydeOS will remain at 68.0.*.*.

The small-scale fixes in the version will be released from time to time, and the patch team will be issued as soon as they encounter important security related issues.

In the latest FydeOS for PC version, we have embedded Adobe Flash Player, which you can use directly.

In addition, Adobe Flash Player will gradually be eliminated by mainstream browsers due to its closed design and lack of security and will eventually stop updating. If you are still using a website or program that relies heavily on Flash technology, it is recommended that you replace it as soon as possible.

We can only guarantee that the operating system images with the FydeOS logo released from FydeOS official channels are safe, harmless, and comply with our “Privacy Protection Policy” and other relevant legal provisions on Internet security in the People’s Republic of China.

We cannot make any security guarantee for FydeOS-like operating system products, derivative products developed based on FydeOS technology, and products based on secondary development of open source projects that we maintain.

The Chromium OS open source project used by FydeOS places great emphasis on security. If you find that Chromium OS (and any underlying components that accompany it) contains significant or undisclosed security risks, please contact us in time.

Thousands of applications in the FydeOS App Store are available for users to download. Since these apps all come from the Chrome Web Store, the automatic update of apps may not work properly in mainland China. Therefore, we have added a “check for updates” feature in the app store to help users migrate installed Chrome apps to FydeOS apps. There is only one difference between the two, namely the automatic updating URL of the application. After the migration is complete, you can enjoy the convenience of automatic application updates.

Please note that local files and preferences related to your app will not be synchronized after migration. Please make a backup in advance to avoid loss.

We are working hard to improve Wi-Fi compatibility. If you find that Wi-Fi does not work on your computer after startup, you can try to go back to the first page at startup and switch the Wi-Fi driver through “Advanced Settings”. Restart the computer after completion, the system will start another set of drivers we prepared for Broadcom based wireless card chip. If your computer uses the wireless network card chip provided by Broadcom, then the problem of Wi-Fi not working after switching can be solved.

If you still can’t solve the Wi-Fi problem, please post in the community and leave your computer’s Wi-Fi chip brand and model, we will try our best to adapt the chip in future releases.

Yes. The specific content collected and the legal boundaries of our use and protection of users’ private information have been pointed out in detail in our Privacy Policy, it is recommended that you read it as soon as possible.

Before you start using FydeOS, we ask you to read and agree to our “Software License Agreement”. By continuing to use FydeOS and its affiliated products, you agree to our “Privacy Policy”.


FydeOS is committed to providing more complete industry solutions. The current business model revolves around customizing solutions, technical consulting and system authorization. If you are an enterprise customer who intends to adopt FydeOS as a solution, please contact us.

Because of this, we cannot provide value-added technical support services for the free FydeOS for PC. We appreciate for your understanding.